We provide supply chain solutions through drone technology

We give you the correct information to focus on your objectives

The most valued:

Drone system is a powerfull tool to reduce cost and acelerate all the process.

The most important:

We have developed our own software to generate the “warehouse map” and count all the stock, without mistake.

The essential:
Job safety

Staff are traditionally lifted up to the high shelves sing a forklift, reach truck or scissor lift where they manually scan each barcode … Not with us!

Warehouse with drones. The future is Now

Do not waste time and improve your process

Business Cases

Validation of drone technology

18000 m2 / 8000 codes (CODE128)
Inventory: 1 drone / 10 hours

Monthly inventory services in customer warehouses

8000 m2 / 1200 codes (QR)
Inventory: 1 drone / 1 hours


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